Simmons Austral zomm AUSTRALE

Australe Mattress



Height of the mattress:27 cm

Comfort: Invigorating

Support: Extra-Farm


THE BEST DISTRIBUTION FOR GREATER FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT WHILE SLEEPING: Made using Sensoft technology, our springs ensure maximum freedom of movement when you are sleeping, regardless of your body shape.
• Sleep in the position you want: Uniformly distributed, the springs provide the same support and comfort from one end of the bed to the other. You sleep in the position you want.
• Uninterrupted sleep is ensured by a freedom of movement
• Ideal support for the spine ensured by the firm comfort foam
• Perfect for people with back problems


RECOMMENDED BED FRAME: We recommend that you change your bed frame at the same time as your mattress. It is recommended that you pair the AUSTRALE mattress with a slatted bed frame of a height of 15 cm for amplified support.


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Special Sensitive Back, the Australe mattress from Simmons Collection offers an invigorating feel and extra firm support.

Dimensions 29 cm

80×200, 90×190, 90×200, 120×190, 140×190, 140×200, 160×200, 180×200, 200×200