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Hybrid Mattress



• With 713 Sensoft Evolution springs (140*190 cm bedding), the Simmons HYBRID mattress offers restful sleep.Your joints are better supported, ensuring that they are rested and soothed.Even if you move 40 times in the night, the mattress supports and conforms to your body with even the slightest movement, providing you with total comfort until you wake.
• The combination of memory foam and pocket springs gives you a feeling of weightlessness.
• Memory foam mattress that conforms to body shapes and relieves pressure points.
• No need to turn over your mattress, the No Flip system guarantees you the same comfort all year round.
• With its thermo-regulating and breathable upholstery, your Hybrid mattress welcomes you comfortably summer and winter
• The Simmons HYBRID mattress benefits from the Biosens tick made from wood pulp.This fibre ensures optimal absorption of moisture for exceptional comfort.

• 713 Sensoft Evolution pocket springs (sleeping 140×190 cm)
• Memory foam 40 mm, net density 42 kg/m3
• Memory foam 40 mm, net density 55 kg/m3
• Tript’Air 3D ticking on the technical face of the mattress, in contact with the bed base

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Dimensions 29 cm

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