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In 1922, a small family business of wire drawing, cabling settles in Reichshoffen. The small steel wire writes its destiny. In 1935, through the connection of the initial letters of “Tréfilerie-Câblerie” TRECA is born, The manufacturing of the first models with springs begins. At Treca the mattress has a special place… In 1947, the first model Pullman is created, announcing the beginning of “savoir-dormir”.

With the opening of a decoration department in 1955, mattresses and bed bases turn into real full beds. In 1960, Treca becomes TRECA de Paris, and places its name in the world of bedding at European level. Since 1992, the house decided to combine art and craft and asks Paolo Nava to design beds. Other collaborations with renowned designers will follow.

Welcome to Haute Couture in 2008 with the launch of Platinum, ultimate comfort and refinement collection. In 2011 the furniture arrived in ‘Treca de Paris’, the elegance, comfort and expertise of the house then concentrated in a new name : TRECA INTERIORS Paris

For the past 80 years, Treca Interiors Paris has served the exacting requirements of international clients who appreciate French-made quality and the possibility of personal service and customized products. The special attraction of the products comes from the use of the finest and rarest raw materials, hand-finishing techniques and the possibility of choosing your own specifications and dimensions.


The special attraction of our products comes from the use of the finest and rarest raw materials, hand-finishing techniques and the possibility of choosing your own specifications and dimensions.


We select the finest and rarest raw materials to ensure that our mattresses will give you outstanding comfort and support night after night for many years.


All our raw materials are chosen with the greatest care to ensure that our bedding and decoration accessories are of the highest quality.


Since 1935, Treca Interiors Paris has succeeded in maintaining a balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern raw materials. In our workshops we combine for you the most refined raw materials and the skills of our craftsmen.


The mattresses, mattress toppers and bed bases of Treca Interiors Paris are designed as harmonious set. Together they enable you to choose your preferred type of comfort.


Treca Interiors Paris pioneered articulated relaxation beds with the CAD bed base. We now offer two lines of articulated bases, which combine the comfort of a traditional high quality bed base with an outstanding movement mechanism.

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Our collection of headboards offers a wide choice of shapes and styles, both classical and contemporary. You can have them upholstered in fabric or leather supplied by you or chosen from the fabrics and leathers in our “prêt-à-porter” collection.


We now offer additional personalisation options for some of our headboards. The «Sur-mesure» models, which can be made to any measurements in height and length you wish as well as the « Déco-Combinables » which are models you can combine in the colours and materials of your choice.


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The Platinum collection is the ultimate must in the world of bedding. It comprises five exceptional lines offering numerous different comfort options.

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To offer you a style of comfort precisely tailored to your personal preferences, the Prestige line of mattresses, mattress toppers and bed bases calls on all our know-how, the fruit of experience and a long history. Prestige mattresses use pocket spring suspension and are available in several degrees of firmness. They all have the benefit of hand stitched interior tufting and they are compatible with our adjustable bed bases.


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Having been a pioneer in the development of articulated relaxation beds, we now offer three collections of models with well-proven qualities of comfort and robustness.

Treca Interiors Paris Catalogue

The catalogue, much like our beds, is meticulously crafted to give you all the information you could want about your new Treca bed.